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Year 4 Term 3 Class Update

26 February 2019
Year 4 Term 3 Class Update

A great start back to 2019 and straight back into the topic of Anglo Saxons – We enjoyed learning all about the Angles, Saxons and Jutes.

We wrote alternate endings for our stories and which we are proud to have on display in our classroom. In addition, we wrote eyewitness reports based on a battle from the book ‘Beowulf’ and have explored our use of direct speech and prepositions.

In Maths we are mastering multiplication and division. Mrs Scanlon and Miss Webb say that multiplication is a good life skill to have not just for school but for our lives as adults and we agree too. We have been looking at multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100 using the place value columns. In addition, we have looked into how multiplication and division can link and have been practising our times tables knowledge in preparation for our assessment.

We have had an exciting experience day “Repeating History”, this involved drama, writing activities, looking at weapons, clothing and food. We all had an opportunity to dress up as Anglo Saxons, we did however miss Mr Bonehill as he always makes such an effort with his costumes but he will be back with us in Term 5 preparing our experience for “Natural Disasters”.

This term as well Mrs Scanlon has given the PGL trip letter out. We are incredibly excited as this will be the very first time that Year 3 and 4 have had the opportunity to go on a residential together. We are looking forward to the opportunities and adventures that PGL can offer the children.

This term also we have had our class assembly which was all about the Anglo Saxons. We hope that everyone enjoyed themselves. We particularly liked the humour within the assembly and the song that we learnt! We also enjoyed showing the value of friendship by singing the friendship song to show why it is important!

Next term we are going to be preparing our Easter Performance it’s called “The Three Trees”, we are already learning the songs and practising our parts. We are not saying too much at this stage as we want it to be a surprise but we will say this, this mini-musical is based on the traditional folk tale, The Tale of Three Trees. Three little trees growing up on the mountain top have big dreams of what they want to become, but one by one those hopes are dashed as they are chopped down and turned into seemingly insignificant things. However, God has an amazing plan for each tree – a plan that goes beyond any of their wildest dreams as they find themselves at the heart of the story of Jesus. Who will be our trees? Shhh we’re not saying yet!

Next term we will be continuing with our theme of Angry Earth as well as “The Present”

Happy half term everyone and we look forward to coming back in a weeks time ready for more learning.

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