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Year 4 Term 4 Class Update

24 April 2019
Year 4 Term 4 Class Update

Term 4 has been an exciting one for year 4 with many exciting learning opportunities experienced and engaged in.

This term our topic question was ‘What makes the Earth angry?’ so we have explored different volcanoes and earthquakes around the world. In addition, we had an amazing experience day where we completed a carousel of activities that included: plotting volcanoes on a map, creating a safety poster when an earthquake strikes, researching different volcanoes using the iPads and building a structure to experiment if it could survive an earthquake. It was a fantastic day and all of the children gained some fantastic new knowledge!

In English the children all produced a prequel based on the animation ‘The Present’ and the children were so proud of their creative ideas and imaginative language. The children continued their exploration of multiplication and division in maths and have now moved onto fractions, where they are now beginning to add and subtract fractions. There has also been a key focus on times tables, where the children have been completing timed quizzes daily and this has really helped their recall of key facts! The children have really enjoyed exploring ‘States of Matter’ in science and have created evaporation and condensation diagrams. The children have also explored the question ‘Why is Jesus inspiring?’ In RE and have looked at several stories related to the Christianity religion such as feeding the five thousand.

We were very lucky this term to have the opportunity to perform an Easter production with year three. Our production was called ‘The tale of the three trees’ and it explored the Easter story and linked in nicely with our RE learning this term. We got to perform our production to the rest of the school and all of our adults, which was an amazing experience. All of the children were fantastic and a complete asset to the school, it was a real team effort and all of the staff were so extremely proud of every child. It was a truly magical way to end the term and each performance showed how much hard work the children had put in.

We did have a very sad end to the term as our lovely Mrs Scanlon has now left The Croft to begin a new adventure and chapter. She is a fantastic teacher and we will miss her terribly. However, we know that she will be back to visit us and see all of our amazing learning!

Next term, we have Miss Deaton joining us in year 4 and we are really looking forward to creating learning experiences and memories with her. We will be ready to welcome Miss Deaton on the first day back of term 5.

It has been a brilliant term for many reasons and we are all looking forward to what term 5 will bring us all. We look forward to welcoming everyone back!

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