Introducing our Play Leaders

At The Croft Primary School we have introduced play leaders from year 2, 3 and 4 to ensure that our lunch times are happy and healthy.

After watching a play leader presentation all about what the role involved the children were invited to complete an application form to apply for the job giving their reasons why they would make a good play leader.

The standard of our applications was incredibly high. Here are some examples of what our pupils said:

  • I want the playground to be a happy place.
  • I don’t want to see lonely children with no one to play with.
  • I would be an amazing role model to the younger children.
  • I am responsible and will make sure all playground equipment is respected.
  • I enjoy setting up games for people to play

Successful applicants receive special training to develop their confidence, leadership skills and self-esteem. In order to reward the children’s achievements the school has developed a Play leaders award scheme. Play leaders can achieve bronze, silver and gold awards which recognise and value their hard work.

We have two play leaders’ teams which work on either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday. We have a special chest of equipment which comes out on a rota basis and the play leaders teach the younger children safe and fun ways to use it in games.

Playground Zones

The Playground is divided into zones, each area having a different activity each week.

  • Skipping Zone – Children can play skipping games
  • Traditional Games Zone – Here children are taught old playground games like, What’s the time Mr Wolf?, Duck, duck, goose, Hopscotch and rock, paper, scissors.
  • Ball Game Zone – Children are introduced to ball or bean bag games.
  • Craze of the week Zone – We bring out Stilts, French elastics, hula hoops, parachute games and more.
  • Quiet Zone – You can visit here to unwind and relax. We rotate the activities but they include reading books/comics, colouring, loom bands, quiet games like Jenga ,  snap and pick up sticks.
  • Golden Mile – Children can walk, skip, dance or run the length of the playground and collect dots on their hand. These dots are counted and converted to miles (Around 36 lengths of the top playground = 1 mile). Children can work towards achieving a 10, 25 and 50 mile certificates over the year.

On Fridays we allow half of the playground to be used for 5 a side football with a fair queuing system so everyone from Year 1- Year 4 has a chance to play.

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