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Bringing Stories to Life for National Storytelling Week 2020

1 February 2020
Bringing Stories to Life for National Storytelling Week 2020

February 1st marks the start of National Storytelling Week 2020.

Every year, thousands of events are held throughout the UK in celebration of National Storytelling Week. All across the country, events are taking place in clubs, theatres, museums, schools, hospitals, and care homes to recognise and celebrate the art of oral storytelling.

Organised by the Society for Storytelling, National Storytelling Week promotes the tradition of verbal storytelling.

Long before the advent of written language or the dawn of the printing press, telling stories to one another was the first way people communicated their life experiences and expressed their creative imagination.

This week, to honour that tradition, storytellers will bring their stories to life with captivating tales of all kinds. Listeners of all ages are sure to hear a story that inspires them – whether it’s folk tales, fairy lore, accounts of storms at sea, or terrifying talk of figments and phantoms, the list is nearly endless!

Today, the art of storytelling remains immensely significant. Telling stories is a crucially important exercise for our pupils as they acquire and develop skills in reading, speaking, and listening. That’s because verbal storytelling offers young people the opportunity to apply their phonic knowledge and to master new words as they continue to build their vocabulary.

For more than 24 years, the Society for Storytelling has worked to promote the tradition of storytelling across Britain. We’re delighted to be taking part in the festivities as we help our pupils become confident storytellers who love a good yarn.

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