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World Science Day 2020

10 November 2020
World Science Day 2020

Today, 10th November, is World Science Day. The event is organised by UNESCO and highlights the important role that science plays in society. The celebration also highlights the need for the discussion of emerging scientific issues.

At The Croft Primary School, we want our children to appreciate the wonders of science. Rather than understanding science as a series of formulas or exams, we endeavour to promote it as a subject which can be fully understood through experience. This event is a brilliant celebration of science that we hope inspires in young minds a sense of enjoyment and exhilaration.

Children are excited to learn more about how science works and why science matters in the world. Our school possesses the time, expertise, and resources to deliver engaging science lessons that are designed to inspire a future generation of budding scientists!

By showing our support for World Science Day at The Croft Primary School, we hope to inspire our pupils further. Whether you are a biology buff, an astronaut addict, or simply love reading about science, we hope you have a wonderful World Science Day!

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