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World Wildlife Day

3 March 2020
World Wildlife Day

A study by Harvard University found that approximately 30,000 species per year succumb to extinction. This statistic is eye-opening and we need to do something to reduce the threat the world’s animals are facing. To help fight these statistics, today we’re joining thousands of people around the globe in celebrating World Wildlife Day.

First organised by the United Nations in 2013, this special day encourages the world to become more aware of a range of issues animals are facing. You don’t need to venture far to discover the beauty of nature. There exists a realm of brilliant wildlife that can simply be explored by stepping out of your own front door.

At The Croft Primary School, we understand the importance of conservation. By addressing topics raised by World Wildlife Day, we can begin to teach children more about sustainability and how to play a part in protecting the planet.

Without a voice of their own, animals need our help to guarantee their safety. As we focus our attention today on the beauty of wildlife, we intend to inspire a new generation of animal lovers to ensure that all species are granted protection.

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