Year 4 Term 5 2017-18

In year 4 term 5 we have been learning about a lot of things! We have been learning about teeth in science and we also did an egg experiment we also found out to much orange juice is not good for you and a lot more just read on to find out more!

In Maths we have been learning about decimals like convert 0.8 into hundredths.

Also in English we have been learning about Usain Bolt and Jessica Ennis Hills but we mostly focused on Usain Bolt.

We have wrote a Non Chronological report about the Olympics!
Finally in English we also wrote a persuasive letter to give a character a free season ticket. In RE we were learning about Christianity and we learned about god, Adam and Eve and the Ten Commandments.

In Science we did the egg experiment and we had 6 eggs and we put 5 liquids water, coke, orange juice, milk, vinegar and 1 had no liquid.

In the beginning of term 5 we were reading the fox and the ghost king by Michael Morporgo.

In Topic we learned about sporting heroes and we drew a Olympic arena and a championship poster.

Finally this week we had every can week and we did activities such as, Paralympic sports, tag rugby, loads more and Miss Read also lead a danceathon which went great!

Hope you enjoyed reading this blog!


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