Welcome to the Croft Primary School

Dear Parents, Cares and Visitors,

Here at The Croft, we are committed to providing our ‘Croftie’s with a high-quality education that will prepare them for the future. We believe that every child deserves to succeed, and we are passionate about helping our children to reach their full potential. 

As a school we of course focus on the following: Quality of Education, Behaviour and Attitudes and Personal Development.  We have created a Curriculum that enables children to develop a love for reading, writing and math. We provide an engaging and enriched curriculum by offering; residentials, productions, musical performances (through our learning of various musical instruments), sporting events and offer a wide variety of extra-curricular activities for children to partake outside of the school day.

We encourage our families to be part of our school community, offering workshops to support and enable your child’s learning to continue outside of school, parents’ evenings and opening evenings and a variety of extra-curricular events within and outside of the school day. 

We also want to be part of our wider community and encourage our little ‘Crofties’ to engage and understand the part they play in a wider sense of society.  We have positive links with local artists and businesses, to enable children to be engaged and inspired by the world outside of Croft.

We want to ensure our ‘Crofties’ transition through each year and phase with strong values, skills, knowledge and confidence to succeed.

We will always welcome you to come and see what we do.

Mrs Murphy

Head Teacher

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5 February 2024

Children’s Mental Health Week 2024

During Children’s Mental Health Week, we will be discussing mental health with our children, highlighting the importance of seeking help and support when required. For more information, read our full blog.